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Daigo ~ Male ~ Dauntless

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Daigo ~ Male ~ Dauntless Empty Daigo ~ Male ~ Dauntless

Post by Daigo ☯ on Mon Jul 06, 2015 3:24 pm

Daigo ~ Male ~ Dauntless 2q0n9s5


Name: Daigo
Nickname: Dai, Daddy (by some females)
Gender: Male
Age: 2 ½ years old
Breed: 90% Eastern Timber Wolf (Canis lupus lycaon)
10% Alaskan Malamute (Canis lupus familiaris)

Former faction: Erudite
True faction: Dauntless


Appearance: Daigo has a black coat, looking more like a very dark grey. His eyes are a grey color, looking a bit dull. They can appear a bit blue at times, but that's only an imagination and can be caused by sunlight or moonlight being reflected in his eyes. Daigo is a very big wolf, strong and well-muscled, with a rather short coat which feels a bit rough to the touch. His paws are big, like half breeds often have, and his tail is slightly curled upwards, but only slightly, showing his Alaskan Malamute genes. Always his tail is curled up like he's showing aggression or dominance, but he's not; it's just the dog genes in his blood. But compared to the slightly upward curled tail and the big paws he looks exactly like a wolf, so he feels more like a wolf.

Straight forward; Daigo doesn't like detailing his stories, sentences and explanations and is always straight to the point. He often speaks the truth as well, because he thinks lying will force someone to remember more details about things, thus makes the stories they tell longer. This doesn't mean he never lies, though. No, Daigo is an expert at lying, especially when he wants to have something really badly and lies to get quicker to it. This male is not afraid to say what he thinks. When he thinks someone is fat he will not gossip about it or just think it, but say it straight to their face. Does he not agree with someone's way of doing things, he will say so and maybe even challenge this someone to a fight to show how he really thinks.
Joker; Daigo is a joker and loves to mess around with others and even their feelings. Often bored he will try to make others annoyed, jealous or frustrated by picking on them or touching a bad nerve. He can sometimes mess around with someone's mind so much that it might result in trouble or a fight, but mostly he apologizes before that happens and goes on with his life, and after a while he might try annoying that one again; once they've cooled down, that is. Daigo is also a total flirt around females, calling them sweet pet names. Towards a male he can be very rough and aggressive sometimes, while towards females he will be really sweet and gentle, just to get what he wants; some time with them, especially to flirt. All females will be treated like a princess, all females are his 'princesses'.
Actor; Daigo is a great actor; when he wants something very badly he will be extremely good at lying, and he will be able to remember almost every detail, even though lying frustrates and tires him. He uses it for sport to, for example, steal a female's heart, or to get pity from those around him. Daigo can often act quite dramatic, but when he tends to lie about something it depends on how much he wants something to make it look real. If it's just for fun the drama will be over dramatic and unreal, but when he has his eyes set on something he thinks he needs, the drama looks very real, like it wouldn't be a lie at all.
Short tempered; This male can be very short tempered at times. He tends to hold himself in but cannot always manage his own feelings. He often gets into fights due to his big mouth and his bravery to show his opinion, and whenever someone tries to break him or mess with him like he does with others, he will go insane. He will scream, growl and yell, throw insults at those who made him lose his temper. He will even snap at those who try to help him at that time, or choose sides with the one he is angry with. Daigo's short temper often makes him react a bit too rough and quick, making it look like he's acting over dramatic. But he really acts over dramatic when he's angry, that's just him, no show at all. Others better stay out of his way and leave him for a while when he's like this, if they know what's good for them.
Rude; Everyone already knows Daigo has a short temper and that he might snap and break when you anger him. He's also extremely rude to others. This male will show respect to his faction leader and his fellow Dauntless wolves, and of course the females from whatever faction, but the loyalty he shows might sometimes disappear. He can often holler at others or yell insults at them when they might or might not deserve it, and due to his big mouth rude can be considered his second name. Though, as said before he also shows extreme loyalty and dedication to those who he thinks deserve it.
Brave and proud; Daigo is very very brave and very proud to be part of the Dauntless. He shows great courage and isn't afraid to show his opinion and stand up for his fellow faction members or others when he thinks they deserve it and need help. He isn't afraid to get int a fight either and get wounded or make his paws dirty, he knows how to fight. Daigo is so proud of himself and of his faction that he might not show much respect to those who are born in the Dauntless faction but act different from the Dauntless, or the ones who want to become Dauntless and fail. He doesn't show his respect to newcomers easily but once he realizes someone is a true Dauntless, he will start showing them more and more respect and consider them as a fellow faction member. Those who fail or are not brave enough in his eyes are not worthy to be in this faction. That's what he thinks and says.

Daigo ~ Male ~ Dauntless 27xf8z6

History: Daigo was born in a litter of three pups as the very middle one of them. His parents Lika and Eiji belonged to the Erudite faction and they hoped their sons would, too. Anon was the oldest son, a perfect Erudite wolf. Their youngest son Koji showed a personality more towards Amity but they didn't care, they loved him anyway. Their middle son Daigo however, he was a very special one. He was so different from his parents and both his siblings; he was rude, restless and reckless, always on adventures and always coming home too late. He would often stay away for days and his parents would worry and eventually panic, but when he got home his only excuse always was that he had forgotten about the sun setting, which was the lamest excuse ever since the pup and everyone else around him was fully aware of the changing days.
His parents hoped his restless personality and his need to explore so much would fade over time as he would grow older, but that didn't seem the case. Daigo was often gone and explored almost everywhere, he dared to stick his nose everywhere. One day he came across the Dauntless training grounds and saw this faction train there. They stood up for the older and weaker, those who didn't deserve to be punished, and Daigo grew to love the Dauntless faction. He would often dream about being part of it, and he often bragged to his parents about how awesome they were. His parents grew more and more worried about him but they decided to give him space and they would make sure to love him whatever faction he would choose when he was ready.
At the age of one he came back late again after a whole day of following the Dauntless around and trying to copy their tricks and moves. He came home to find his parents and both his siblings utterly sick. He didn't know what it was and why he hadn't become sick, and he would never find out. A few days later his mother died, and not long after his youngest sibling. A week after his father passed away and even his strong and intelligent older brother didn't make it; he was the last one to die.
Daigo was left all alone and this made him grow frustrated, the reason why as of today he acts so rude and is really short tempered. He became rough and harsh but that was mainly because he blamed himself for not being able to help his family, and because he was the only not sick one. He was taken in by another family of wolves being part of the same faction, but Daigo never really fit in there. They weren't as understanding as his parents and didn't really respect his dreams of becoming a Dauntless. However, Daigo managed to make the best of it. And as soon as he was ready to choose his own faction, he would choose for Dauntless. He was sure of that.

Likes: Training to improve his skills, hunting, fighting, picking on others, messing with other's feelings, being rude, getting attention, others showing pity for him, flirting with females, leading.
Dislikes: Following orders, agreeing to something he doesn't actually agree with, others messing with him, being angry, being ignored or unheard.

Habits: Licking his lips when seeing females, winking at females, cursing (minor) and saying things straight forward which often might come off as rude. Daigo also often has this smirk on his face, which might really annoy others at times.


Parents: Lika ~ mother ~ deceased, Eiji ~ father ~ deceased
Siblings: Anon ~ older brother ~ deceased, Koji ~ younger brother ~ deceased

Crush: All the hot girls in the world~
Relationship: Nope

Friends: None yet
Enemies: Probably a lot?

Daigo ~ Male ~ Dauntless 2vdn1pu


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Daigo ☯
Daigo ☯

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