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Xuan ~ Male ~ Divergent

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Xuan ~ Male ~ Divergent Empty Xuan ~ Male ~ Divergent

Post by Xuan ⭐ on Mon Oct 19, 2015 8:08 am

Xuan ~ Male ~ Divergent APCzjEh


Name: Xuan
Nickname(s): None
Name Pronunciation: Shoe - an
Gender: Male
Age: 2 years
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Breed: 50% Canadian grey wolf, 50% European wolf (Spanish)
Former Faction: Divergent
Current Faction: Divergent
Pack: Divergent Pack


Pelt: Xuan's pelt is a dark shade of black. He has lighter patches around his shoulder and underside as well as darker patches on his back, face and tail. It is quite thick but thins off a lot in the summer to keep his temperature regulated.
Eyes: Xuan's eyes are a deep brown, almost black colour.
Build: Xuan is a heavily build fellow but he is not too heavily build otherwise that would make him less agile.
Voice: His voice is similar to a Spanish accent, it is flowing and calm.
Native Language: Technically, Spanish but has learnt to speak a lot of English.


Persona: Aggressive || Kind || Clever || Fair || Insane/Crazy
Xuan is only aggressive when he needs to be, if he doesn't he is kind and caring. He will always be there for those in need and will never let them down, especially if they need him. Xuan will look out for the underdog and will not let anyone feel bullied. He is fair with all decisions he makes and will never try to do anything to hurt someone's feelings deliberately. Xuan is very clever and will try and outwit anyone to his best ability, if he can't outwit them he'll use his strength to his advantage along with his great wits. All this combined makes it pretty easy for him to make friends but also enemies. He is not a soft touch at all, if someone does something wrong they will get told off, only if it is his place to do so.

Xuan is very clever, he uses his wits against others and that helps him in battles a lot. He can get quite aggressive and will not stop from a fight unless commanded to by someone of authority to him. If you want a quick plan that will probably work, as him, he knows what to do and when, especially when it comes down to attacks, finding out information, getting escape routes or coming up with a crazy plan. Unfortunately, Xuan lost it a while ago, or when he was born, no one really knows when other than he was born different. Xuan was not normal and this was his insanity that pushed him to that, a crazy plan is usually what someone would think from him but honestly sometimes those are the best plans.

Despite his insanity, Xuan will be very serious at times, he doesn't like to let down his crew members and has spent his time doing hard work. Xuan doesn't really believe in jealousy or luck but when it comes down to some things he's gone through he has had some minor luck, probably. His thoughts are processed differently to someone else and often he will be talking a little to fast, not really because of his personality; more his accent. Xuan doesn't care what rank he has as long as he is at home with where he is, that's all that matters. He will fight to the bitter end and never give up but with every wolf there are ups and downs....

He likes to flirt a lot and usually does, he is quite charming yet kind, never taking advantage of anyone.

Likes: Making friends, helping out, being kind, females
Dislikes: Rudeness, unfairness, making to many enemies
Strengths: Making friends, his wits, his strength, insanity
Weaknesses: Being too aggressive sometimes, to blunt with things, insanity


History: Xuan was born in Spain, his mother was also born there but his father was born in Canada. His father was moved to Spain by humans, meant for taking in by them but managed to escape. His parents then met and became great friends, like brother and sister for a while before they both decided they should come together as a pair, life companions. They didn't have many pups, only a few survived the birth. That was Xuan; his brother, Dark; his sister, Carolina and his other brother, Nev. They would all turn out great, but some in different ways. Eventually, his parents joined a pack as they found dealing with all four pups difficult alone in that area. The pack that took them in seemed nice, they had plenty of food too. Xuan was happy there, he used to play rough with the slightly older pups of the breeding pair but Carolina and Dark didn't, they spent time with his father, his father didn't like him. Nev on the other hand preferred to just go and sit by the river, he was fascinated by the pure beauty of the river, but Xuan could see something else in the river, rage and deadliness when used correctly.

His thoughts had always been dark and weird, never quite right but as he aged they got worse, more insane, more weird, more dark, more frightening to the others. This lead to the training of him becoming a warrior, he was trained by the breeding male but had to stop being trained by him after showing excessive aggression, he didn't mean to but did. Xuan was so high he didn't know what he was doing sometimes but that day when he got taken out from under the leaders wing made him so sad, he just didn't want to live any more. That's when everything else kicked in, all the emotions were not right, he didn't know what he was doing, or he didn't want to know, whatever it was he tried to drown himself. He was saved by Nev, who was passing by the river and found him attempting to do so. Xuan snapped at him once he got him up, all he wanted was to leave that world, that pack, that memory behind. But he couldn't, no one would let him, he was apparently important. Well that's what they said. He was a year and a half by now and the only wolf that understood him was his mother, his lovely mother, oh how sweet she was to him. Xuan loved her with all his heart, more so than anyone else in the pack but one, his father. His father also loved her dearly and Xuan was often pushed out by him wanting to see his mother.

Xuan started to show aggression towards his father, he was jealous. Now this was the time before he stopped believing in luck and jealously, now he knows what it does to you. It makes you turn on loved ones, turn on the only family you have, the only good thing left in the world. He turned on his own father, angry for him being pushed out he attacked him. This resulted in his exile, he was not to return to the pack lands ever again.

Xuan cried, he cried outside the territory until he was chased further and further away from there, he didn't cry for what he had done, he cried for his mother. Xuan wanted to stay with her but it was not allowed, all he got to do was say goodbye. He left on bad terms with his whole family, except her, the only one who actually seemed to care about him. He had made her life hell, not nice, but still she loved him all the same.

Family: Moonlight  || Dame || Unknown
Carva || Sire || Unknown
Nev || Brother || Unknown
Carolina || Sister || Unknown
Dark || Brother || Unknown


Relationship Status: Single
Crush: --
Relationship: --
Best Friend: --
Friends: --
Acquaintances: --
Enemies: --
Arch Enemy: --

Xuan ⭐
Xuan ⭐

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Xuan ~ Male ~ Divergent Empty Re: Xuan ~ Male ~ Divergent

Post by Xuan ⭐ on Fri Oct 23, 2015 8:48 am

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Xuan ⭐

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