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Post by Mercedes on Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:42 am

.::Mercedes::. [Amity] Qj6tYOn

"Our job is improving the quality of life, not just delaying death."

The Essentials
Title: Mercedes Lotus
To Be Addressed As: Mercedes
Hour Glass: Just over 2.5 years
Sex: Feminine
Birth Season: Spring
Classification of Genetics: 50% Timber & 50% Mexican Grey Wolf
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Primary Ruling Tongue: Dutch
Secondary Ruling Tongue: English

Physique: Mercedes form is broad, dense muscles that have developed during her short time from home, however she is still growing and growing out those muscles she has - isn't determined to be powerful yet still strong enough to hold and stand her ground, despite her size. Her sturdy, four legs have been in motion and building strength to keep her moving for miles, allowing her to endure the pain of walking just a bit longer..and yet building the elevating muscles throughout her body, this feature is grand to Mercedes because it allows her to make progress for hunting fast prey and taking quick turns if whatever she chases after tricks her movements. Her frame is curved, allowing her walk to look more feminine and a bit sassy as well, due to how she walks she's usually mocked to look quirky at most. Even her height can differ upon anothers' appearance as well, so she's roughly near to average, but not entirely. To narrow it down, Mercedes is no near to be above average and once she meets her approximate height, she'll be good to know how she stands with the rest of her con-species.
Pigment Hues & Tones: The she-wolf has a tawny complexion of sorrels, tans, beige and chestnut all laid about in a semi-neat pattern, yet making her have a collage for a perfect camouflage effect with forest and woodland regions. This marks a perfect opportunity to remain silent and still within a thick depth of forest, or in a light prairie concealed with tall grass, that only her tips of her lobes would mostly stand out, but may not have her at stake if spotted. Her forehead and muzzle have darker regions of an ashen hue, this may be found on the base of her tassel and lines along her back and torso between the measures of lighter woodland tones. All of these colors are not harsh, but often fade out passed her shoulders and higher hind limbs to her paws, making them more reliable in a lighter beige.
Texture: As every canid or species on the planet of mother earth, there are always two layers to a specimens body. The first, true layer is unseen by every visible aspect, allowing this she-wolf to move freely about and not be easily drained because it helps keep her warm and dry. Mercedes second layer is however, soft and lush - most of her family enjoyed her comfort and time to be huddled with to keep warm as her body radiated heat and a soft pillow to many.
Scars Or Markings: There are but small lines of dried sanguine colors down Mercedes chin and nape, reflecting that this she-wolf was attacked some point before she left her homeland and defended herself over the duration of time. She recalls a coyote or a vulture may have used it's digits to scrape and harm her in some way when it came to scavenging game.
Those Eyes: Like most of her family genetics, Mercedes eyes are no uncommon feature but roughly a light brown hue that glistens off her pelt. Nothing to be strange or fond of, as there's nothing so extraordinary other than another pair of bright eyes staring back at you.
Accent: Light, soft-spoken. Mercedes voice isn't very loud or deep, no, her voice is airy - not having much projection or effort to speak any louder than she could on any day. However, she can prepare her vocals to seem a bit loud depending on her current status for the day. Whether it's being assertive or maybe it's being charming and kind. So in general her way of speaking is very smooth and not very unpleasant.

.::Mercedes::. [Amity] ERWYi6M
"See what no one else sees. See what everyone chooses not to see... out of fear, conformity or laziness. See the whole world anew each day!"

Through Her Eyes
Temperament: In general, Mercedes is known to be a very silent canid, always watching and learning about others by not speaking her mind into words, but jotting down in her own mind. There's really never a dull moment for her, but if she finds an opportunity to speak she would and most likely could become very chatty about any topic and relate to many things. However, she doesn't stop there,  so having company is always a must in her position and if she was rejected company she would become very distracted, alone and frozen with confusion. There wasn't always time to care in her past with her growing up, so she's always used to attracting others attention for her own, but that usually leads her in trouble or just to be flat out selfish. Which she is known for...and she would one day admit that to anyone who assumes. Also was known to not be caring for many and have been known to exile others upon trust and respect.
However, that's not all true. Mercedes is indecisive and wouldn't necessarily push others away. it's how she was brought up and not mind over matter takes place to change her life around so easily. Always distracted and always planning on making the first move reliable. Seeking a playful atmosphere until it's no longer a game, but actual realistic danger - proving her protection to be noticed greatly and used with correction. Though her body language may seem awkward, Mercedes performs a bit more lady-like once she adjusts to others around her and carrying a delicate aura, showing her passion to care for others without any hesitation or a distraction from her surroundings.
Mercedes is like a young pup at heart still, feeling like she belongs with a much smaller group. Her playful motives have not altered or even change and she is humble and talented with her work. Always showing appreciation, generosity and courtesy. There wouldn't be a moment where she would be assertive, stern and dominant so easily, but if she's provoked than she would put others in their place by reflecting their weak spots with haste. Attacking isn't always her first move, if she were to attack someone out of the blue it's usually meaning she wants to wrestle, a move to perform if she needs to practice or if she's just boiling with energy that is being wasted away with nothing but being lazy and laying about, not doing anything productive. If rejected she would go about her own ways, find something to keep her occupied. For instance she thrives to explore, so her chances of returning won't be a one, two, three routine, she would find news areas or gnaw on sticks or branches, anything to keep her well distracted from reality.
Aside from distracting herself and being social upon anything, Mercedes has one other respect and aspiration in her mind. There's something she was known to do and that was comforting those who don't have the strength to move on in life. Feelings or other mental abilities that are torn, she would guide herself to be clingy and in-tune with others that ened that extra paw to guide them as well. There were moment where the she-wolf found herself alone and wandering alone, with no one else to guide her. She had the strength to perform a better life one by one and slowly taking her time to adjust and see things how others see them. So in the end, this tawny she-wolf would be your listener in all cases and would be intrigued and understanding - a wolf that can be your friend in a tick of time. Patience is a virtue and in life you can't always trust others so easily, but there is time to feel what they feel, rather than jumping to conclusion upon their words.

Strengths: Empathy, Having a soft voice, Being observant, Being quick on her feet, able to fish and even swim, Humour that heals
Weaknesses: Low self-esteem, Unable to protect with high security, easily manipulated, lack of strength, Indecisive
Thrills: Loyalty, Respect, Cuddles, Basking in the sun, staying occupied, fishing and making friends. Honesty and Trusts, finding something to believe in, Toning in to stories and speeches, Stargazing, spending time with pups and creating life-long bonds.
Detestation(s): Hostility, Distrust, Distasteful moments or wolves, breaking a bond, not able to find love, being alone, demanding attention, fake traits, liars and betrayal.
Main Fears: Seeing to be too clingy to trust, hated by everyone she meets, Feeling left-out and not ever to find devotion.
Main Desires: Love and friendship that are long-lasting, respected and seen to be trustworthy without discrimination.
Habits: Calling others "Darling" or "hun" in any case of occasion. Finding ways to be occupied if rejected upon her movements to ensure to play. Absentmindedly dozing off.

The Birth & Starting Out:
Springtime, an onrush feeling of hope and life flourished the mountains of an uncharted territory. A surrounding forest lead by a pack of wolves that have trekked this region for many decades and yet the time has come for the third generation that was born. It was midweek in April, the weather was cloudy and a chance of rain was moderate with participation high with the mountains laid out in the vast horizon. A family that was well-balanced and creative in many ways of their relationship of bonding and keeping everyone healthy. There were two very special parents to present another chapter to their life - three children have been born and yet two daughters and a son. The timber wolf family were grateful and the parents were humble for the years they have gathered and kept the cycle of birth growing. The father Cody was protecting the den, pacing left and then right, keeping the other curious family members from entering or coming near the den. It was a desperate and dangerous moment and they were alerted every moment there was, there would be no harm done to these pup and it was that same year the pack worked extra hard to hunt as the mother, Cindy was weak and restless, allowing herself to make room and stay strong to produce the milk needed to feed. Yelps, barks, chuffs and even growls were an every day sound their children wouldn't hear for the many more weeks that was ahead.

The following weeks were dreadful and the weather wasn't very appealing either. It was very damp, too wet for the wolves to easily combine shelter under brush and thickets. Hunting wasn't as easy during the incline of the hills. The mud made it more vulnerable for the members to slip and slide. Casting their movements to be delayed and yet they succeeded one way or another, despite the distance. However, as the rain began to settle down from a week of a hard pour it was the day that the pups would open up their eyes for the first time since they were born. Obviously they all held that dazzling blue orb that glistened from the light that was a casting in the dens borrow. Cindy was able to move around more this time and able to go outside often to keep herself mobile and alert, feeding her pups again, every moment they whelped.  A few more weeks later and about a day next the change in their eyes have taken place. Each daughter and their son have developed their eyes to a different color for the rest of their life. As you may know this already...they are no longer a tint of blue, but a tint of brown and even amber.  Despite this amazing occasion, there was one thing happening that made the other members bemused. Their names weren't mentioned and the parents decided amongst a different system this time. The children would earn their names upon how they grow and handle themselves during the time out and about and exploring. Their strength, agility and speed is what the parents will decide and see how their mental capabilities would lay out as well.
Seasonal Changes & Names:
As the wet season has departed, the sun has reached the limit of height for the next seasonal change. Spring has brought a blooming festive of vegetation. Nourished with greens and other wildflowers, the pack was out and about, making a change with their routine and changing courses with the herd. A migration that would soon take place later on down the road for winter - a season where the pups will then battle with their family against a snow driven region. For now they spent their days outside of the den. Finally free to move around, smell and see new surroundings but yet staying out of danger to prevent any losses that could harm the pack in any way or form. There were days that predators have came into the vicinity, but never actually killed a pup or a member, just a way to ward off with brute force of the rest stronger wolves that handled the brute work of the objectives. many of the older members; elderly wolves that weren't very strong against the predators kept an eye on the wandering pups. Despite the fast pace of the youngsters, the formed growls and snarls lead them back with the proper correction of staying put. They were adaptive to this switch of behaviour everyday and every moment they went too far. The children were also very playful, finding ways to keep themselves occupied and digging holes to find something they saw bury themselves or just to dig in general.

Within time, the parents decided on the names and found how the daughters were very active and playful, plus very fast and never out of breath. They narrowed it down as Porsche and Mercedes - the two girls that were always moving and never tired until later on in the day. Then there was their son, a wandering and adventurous pup who was nosey and got into trouble very often, but was also a coward and shy with others of a larger elevation. He would also flinch from surprises or something that startled him, so they named him Skippy. The pack was thrilled to finally understand the names of the children and in which to call them by for the rest of their days growing, learning and bonding.  Another few months have passed and the pups developed their extra layer of fur, and the food they started to eat without the help of their mothers milk to pass on by for their nutrition. They watched as the leaves changed and eventually the region started to get much colder and windier. The trees were blown to and fro from the brisk wind and the billowing clouds above that moved quite fast. Mercedes and Porsche were always watching the surroundings and the clouds, even at night the two would stargaze and see the shimmering stars above, as they twinkle before they slept. The next morning was another new day and that's when they experienced something anew. There were white particles scattering the surroundings, unable to see the falling snow so suddenly and concentrated on the foreground, they felt something dampen their foreheads and whilst looking up felt the glimpse of a frozen ice that soon was liquid and cascaded down the faces of the pups. Cindy and Cody escorted them out one-by-one and trekked across the ground with ease, as the snow wasn't fully laid out like a blanket just yet along the ground and the greens were still shown but more solid in state.

Not Everything Lives & Departure:

Intriguing eyes scanned the prairie as the pack moved together to their next rendezvous shelter. it was a far travel but it seemed like winter came early with snowfall and that delayed them to reach their destination on time. The weather picked up, causing the wolves to huddle closely and the children were the most cloaked specimens in the center, protected from the wind and snow but also from any predators that would’ve easily taken their life as vulnerable and fragile they still were.  Animals at this time took shelter so they were lucky to not come across many predators, except for maybe foxes and coyote that were following them, some stronger wolves warded them off or taken the life of the smaller canids and leaving them behind as they quickly moved together. On the other side of the mountain wasn't as treacherous, but managed from the steep incline that was coatd in snow. Many have slipped and may have injured their legs, though wasn't permanent and could still keep up - Skippy was the only son that was slower than the rest and some members stayed with the pack but left him behind...
As thick as the air and sight has gotten the whelps from their son Skippy were not heard nor was he still following the pack. Cindy and Cody halted the group and demanded a howl and bark that echoed, but they couldn't see very far or even turn back. Their tracks were covered quickly and heir noses were cold and numb from the harsh winters wind and storm that was brewing. Not risking to go back, they regretfully move on, leaving behind their only son to fend for himself..knowing that he would not pull through what mother nature has surprised them with on their move.
Arriving at the destination, the members huddled quickly in the thick brush, eyes squinted and lobes cuffed back. The hunting party scouted the area and chuffed to mark this area safe and cleared. The den wasn't much of a mess, but the parents moved in quickly to remove left-over debris and dirt that build up inside and outside the cave. Seeing how it was cleaned more thoroughly, now was the time to settle down and wait out the storm.

From the moment of their travels and losing their only son in the devastation of the storm, this didn't hold back the pack to fulfil the rest of their days living and allowing themselves to mentor their young and find hope and see how well maintained their girls have been. Mercedes and Porsche have lasted a year together and yet they still maintained a perfect balance of life and bond. Mercedes was a great sport, very active and always getting attention from mom and dad, as for Porsche, she was also a listener and a gentle heart with a sassy attitude. Thoughts and prayers were rightfully given and the pack members that were assigned to hunt, never found much remains to Skippy's body. They assumed by the time the storm passed and his body buried under the snow hat he was pronounced dead and devoured by roaming predators.  It was a tough position Cody stood in, as a father he was once honoured to have a son that he could teach to be the heir of this pack, yet he has other sons as well that were alive but were not with the former pack.  Cindy was lucky enough to give birth to two daughters and allowed them to witness life within the whole circle of seasons and seek their destination. They fought with another year and still remained strong sisters, eventually leaving the pack to find a new chapter to their life and a new place to start off with maybe their own family. Mercedes however, wasn't very lucky to find love or even start a pack of her own. She found a region by scent and was hopefully able to bond and create another story to her life. Just like her mother did.

Family Traits & Interests

Dame: Cindy - Alive
Sire: Cody - Alive
Siblings: Porsche - Sister - Alive
Skippy - Brother - Deceased

Crush: No one as of yet
Companion: Not at this time..
Whippersnappers: None at this time...

Acquaintances: None right now, maybe soon.
Comrades: Soon, maybe.
Foes: Quite soon too maybe.

"I'm really starting to love the back of your head"

.::Mercedes::. [Amity] RT3pB2N

Pictures used respectfully from © Dawnthieves

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Post by Ross ♦ on Mon Sep 28, 2015 4:22 pm

Very nice, Mercedes. This looks really cool. I will add you to Amity.

"Come little leaves,"
Said the Wind one day.
"Come to the meadows with me
And play,
Put on your dresses of red
And gold
For Summer is past
And the days grow cold."

-George Cooper-

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Post by Lucifer on Tue Sep 29, 2015 7:59 am

B-b-b-beautiful, darl!

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Post by Mercedes on Tue Sep 29, 2015 8:44 am

Thanks you two! I generally base my characters off almost my personal self. As far as mentality goes. c: Either way, it's how I know to create a storyline and journey.

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