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Diabla ~ Female ~ Dauntless

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Diabla ~ Female ~ Dauntless Empty Diabla ~ Female ~ Dauntless

Post by Diabla on Wed Jul 08, 2015 10:03 am

(My pictures refuse to work for me)
Name: Diabla
Gender: Female
Breed: 50% Eurasian Wolf 50% Tundra Wolf
Age: She is two and a half years in age.
Faction: Dauntless!

Appearance: Diabla has a long, fluffy pelt. her fur is dark red. like blood, although under a very bright light (such as the sun) it appears to be more ginger in colour. She has a snow white chest, underbelly, and paws. Her eyes are a dark brown, which appear to be an obsidian black at night. Her long tail ends with a black tip. She has a muscular build, but she also has long legs built for speed.

Personality: Diabla is a serious wolf, but she also has a sense of humor. She tries to joke around, but she just can't. Unfortunately for others, she doesn't know that. She also likes to pull pranks on others, which is quite amusing for her. She is curious,  she will go after anything she wants to know about. She is a risk-taker and adventurous.I'll probably fill this out more later.

History: (I'll fill this out later. Possibly.)
Diabla was born into Erudite, and everyone thought she would stay in her faction. Her brother, Smoke, was always telling to truth, so her parents thought he was going to chose Candor. They didn't care though. Diabla didn't want to stay, though. She admired the Dauntless, jumping from trains, possibly getting injured. That look like fun. As the days passed she decided that she would chose Dauntless. Live her life to the fullest. Surprisingly enough, her brother chose to stay in Erudite, Diabla was secretly glad, at least one of them would stay.

Likes: Pranks, the occasional fight, revenge. and heights.
Dislikes: I'll get back to this one...

Family: Somewhere in Erudite, looking down at her going tsk-tsk-tsk


Friends: Anyone who pranks her back.
Enemies: Anyone who flirts with her.
Acquaintances: Anyone who pranks her back AND flirts with her.

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Diabla ~ Female ~ Dauntless Empty Re: Diabla ~ Female ~ Dauntless

Post by Ross ♦ on Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:24 pm

Very interesting bio Diabla. I will look forward to role playing with you.

"Come little leaves,"
Said the Wind one day.
"Come to the meadows with me
And play,
Put on your dresses of red
And gold
For Summer is past
And the days grow cold."

-George Cooper-

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Ross ♦
Ross ♦

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